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In all the neighbors in the neighborhood of Barcelona and the towns and villages of the territory:

Before the elections of 20N:

The Assembly District takes no position specifically on how to participate in the general election. Everyone decides to intervene as the 20N. But all share a sense of disappointment with the current prevailing political and economic system. We do not believe that in this situation, the future government to solve our needs.

So we decided to open a process of reflection during the election campaign. Based on the proposals and commitments in the neighborhood of San Antonio will decide the objectives and strategy needed in the neighborhood.

This process of collective reflection will begin on Monday 14 November, the San Antonio market, where a table will collect proposals on what should be our plan to fight the district level and # 15m. This table also informed about how the electoral system.
On Tuesday 15, at 18:00 am, take a press conference to publicly explain the proposal and to disseminate the actions planned, and which invite others to meetings, committees and groups that want to come to fight.

And from 16 November, Mistral Avenue (corner of Calabria), camp to further the strategic debate of the social process that we are living.
Also attach the statement of proposal to extend the debate.

Table collection of proposals: Monday to Friday, from 17:00 am to 19:00 pm in the San Antonio market (Three Tombs).
Press conference: Tuesday at 18:00 pm in the San Antonio market (Three Tombs).

# Acampantoni: Camping San Antonio, Wednesday after the meeting of the district until Friday afternoon. The Mistral Avenue, our Jardinets of Alghero (corner of Calabria)

Popular Lunch: Monday to 20N av Mistral at 14:00 pm
You can follow the updates here.
You can read the minutes of the meeting of November 9 here.

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